Abraham Hicks “Use Meditation to Manifest Your Goals, Desire and Calling”

I have grown by leaps and bounds since I have started meditating. I truly think that this is one of the most important things for one to start doing, if trying to grow spiritually.

I love the Binaural Beats Entertainment’s “Binaural Beats Meditations” CD. I have a digital copy, but I am sure you could find it on Amazon. The key to meditating is to quiet your mind. This was very difficult for my ADHD self, but I promise you that it will become easier. You also have to learn to accept what is given to you; allow the answers. At first I wondered if these were stray thoughts going through my mind. So I tried to push out what I was receiving.

Concentrate on your breathing to quiet your mind. As I go through the meditation, my breathing will change throughout. Sometimes it seems to be more rapid breathing, and I have had some very, very slow and shallow breathing at other times.

So you could meditate to binaural beats or to soothing music or nature sounds. You could just sit in silence. Either way, just try to quiet the mind. I have had some awesome experiences when meditating! I feel to the need to add that binaural beats are NOT to be listened to while driving. They are best listened to at home or somewhere safe. You could go into a trance like state or fall asleep VERY EASILY. So please, be careful.


My name is Shelley and I am a mother of two, a wife of one and work crazy hours in a busy retail pharmacy as a technician. Three years ago I would have NEVER thought that I would be considering a career as a psychic/healer/medium something. I have not been actively working with my gift for very long and since I have started accepting my psychicness, things have gotten very interesting and challenging. The most difficult part of all has been trying to juggle family, chakras, work, kundalini type symptoms, interests in missing persons, the spirits I see out of the corner of my eye all the time, feeling the need to help lost souls and the challenges of ADHD and much more. This is a very exciting time in my life and I wanted to start this blog to find some people who might understand what I am going through; people I can learn from and share with. Maybe this is my way of coming out of the psychic closet in the Bible Belt - one post at a time.

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