Ask and Ye Shall Receive

I have always used a random white feather from the dollar store when smudging with sage. I have heard and seen a lot of different ideas about how one gets their smudging feather. Some say it will come to you when the time is right. I never received my feather nor found one anywhere and had pretty much forgotten about it until about a week ago when I was cleansing my home. I looked at my white feather and wondered when I would finally get my feather. Spirit reminded me that I hadn’t really ever asked for one and that I had seemed content with what I had. So I asked. What I got wasn’t exactly what I had in mind but they were lying on the ground under my carport yesterday when we returned from the first part of my daughter’s recital. I opened by door and gasped because it happened pretty quickly. I had asked a week ago and then asked again the day before I found them. I don’t think these will be the main feather but I was instructed by spirit to use them in a feather wand that I would make.

They look like some kind of little blue bird feather and the funny thing is that there have been several times a bird has been waiting for me when I open my back door to leave. He would stand there and just stare at me. One time I even asked him if he had a message for me because he was just standing there, unafraid, looking up at me from the ground. I don’t know if he got in a fight or just lost these two feathers, but I thought of that bird when I saw them yesterday.



My name is Shelley and I am a mother of two, a wife of one and work crazy hours in a busy retail pharmacy as a technician. Three years ago I would have NEVER thought that I would be considering a career as a psychic/healer/medium something. I have not been actively working with my gift for very long and since I have started accepting my psychicness, things have gotten very interesting and challenging. The most difficult part of all has been trying to juggle family, chakras, work, kundalini type symptoms, interests in missing persons, the spirits I see out of the corner of my eye all the time, feeling the need to help lost souls and the challenges of ADHD and much more. This is a very exciting time in my life and I wanted to start this blog to find some people who might understand what I am going through; people I can learn from and share with. Maybe this is my way of coming out of the psychic closet in the Bible Belt - one post at a time.

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12 comments on “Ask and Ye Shall Receive
  1. Melody says:

    Oh those are pretty! I’ve been wanting to smudge my home. And I have seen quite a few feathers of late. Thanks for posting this. I need to truly start seeing what’s literally in front of my very own eyes.


    • You should definitely cleanse your home. It has made a big difference for sure! Maybe you will get lucky and get your feather sooner than I did.


      • Melody says:

        Just this afternoon when I walked my husband to his car, upon opening the garage door, there was my feather. You told me to ask for one and there it was one day later. I was in awe! I also believe it is a big black crow’s feather. Is that bad? Should I not use it? And is it unsanitary? I scurrrrred! Loling! ( Just kidding, I was so excited to see my feather. )


        • Maybe you should look into what crows represent. I don’t get a bad feeling about it. I am sure it wasn’t what you had in mind but it may be just what you need! Don’t be skuurred. I was excited for you when I read this! I don’t just run into feathers everywhere so I think it is cool that you had it happen the next day!


  2. I never knew you needed a feather. I just burn the bundle and snuff it out.


    • If I burn the bundle it makes such a mess on my floor so I usually crumble a little up and put it in a bowl or an abalone shell and fan the smoke. When I use outside I just burn the bundle. It helps keep away mosquitos and bad spirits! We have plenty of both down here in the south…


  3. Shelley your eyes are just unbelievably beautiful!


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