Psychic Porch Selfie Time


I don’t usually smile in pictures and I am not smiling in this one. I have never liked my smile. I don’t know why. Maybe it just doesn’t look like the really happy me when I try to selfie smile. I mean, come on we all take a selfie every now and then but I wanted to take one in my natural habitat – my front porch. I don’t know if y’all hang out on y’alls porches, but in the South that is all we do.

Of course, I had to light the skeeter killer torch and I hate to do this because of the fumes. But these darn skeeters are out for blood this year and they have been wreaking havoc on me every time I go outside to tend to my babies. I read that mosquitoes prefer Type O blood and that is what I am. So perhaps they are all over me and no one else in my family is because I am the only Type O around.

It’s dark out now and there is a big, bright full moon out tonight so I am enjoying my time with beautiful Mother Earth and I think my crystals are calling for a moon bath so I better get them out here. Hope everyone is having an awesome weekend. Namaste, my friends!


My name is Shelley and I am a mother of two, a wife of one and work crazy hours in a busy retail pharmacy as a technician. Three years ago I would have NEVER thought that I would be considering a career as a psychic/healer/medium something. I have not been actively working with my gift for very long and since I have started accepting my psychicness, things have gotten very interesting and challenging. The most difficult part of all has been trying to juggle family, chakras, work, kundalini type symptoms, interests in missing persons, the spirits I see out of the corner of my eye all the time, feeling the need to help lost souls and the challenges of ADHD and much more. This is a very exciting time in my life and I wanted to start this blog to find some people who might understand what I am going through; people I can learn from and share with. Maybe this is my way of coming out of the psychic closet in the Bible Belt - one post at a time.

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One comment on “Psychic Porch Selfie Time
  1. litebeing says:

    You look really good, especially in green. It is great having you blog again. this is a powerful full moon indeed. BTW I was gonna comment on your other post, but time got away from me. I never read the Berenstein Bears, but remember the stein. Stein is a root in Jewish surnames and stain is definitely not. I have heard of this controversy before and googles the Bears and saw so many more Stain references. very odd. I have to wonder if it is parallel universes and/or psychic people pick up on events in different timelines. For example, I assumed Morley Safer died the week 60 minutes did a retrospective on his career. I was surprised he was not dead. Then 1 week later, it is reported that he died!

    I knew Mandela was president, etc. Saw it all on the news. I think the thing to remember is consciousness and what most of us call “reality” are not the same and probably never were the same. So many layers and levels, planes, dimensions….

    love ya, Linda

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