Pharmacy Tech


I have been a Certified Pharmacy Technician for four years now, and I work in a retail setting in a grocery store. The store itself is interesting because there are several people who have been working there 15+ years and I marvel at the fact that they keep coming back day after day. I feel myself losing my grip on my sanity when I come through the door in the morning and hear the same song (I swear) I hear every morning when I come in. It also plays several times throughout the day, too!!! Dealing with doctors, nurses, practitioners, pharmacists, insurance companies and upset patients all day really gets to a person. I have tried to bring joy into every day there, but the joy can be quickly snuffed out in the presence of an irate idiot that you HAVE to be nice to. A few months ago, I transferred to another one of our store’s locations and things have been much better in some ways and then worse in other ways. I do feel like I am a little bit more appreciated and valued at this pharmacy.

Then there are the patients who I connect so well with. We can seem to see each other’s hearts. I would say things to some of these people that I wouldn’t say to my best friends. Something about being there with these people who are sometimes vulnerable and going through a hard time. Sometimes it’s just someone who you feel the need to help and talk through a rough time in their life. Some of them are just so sweet and are always delightful to see. I can’t tell you how many of our patients tell us they love us before they leave, or bring us something to drink when we are working hard. It is refreshing that not all the people we come into contact with are mad or paranoid or upset about something. I really do love these people and that is what keeps me there.

Otherwise, I am a little surprised that I would be tired of being a pharmacy tech by now. I feel like a cog in the pharmaceutical/corporate machine. Insurance companies are a pain in the ass and the drug reps still lurk around, trying to pimp their latest drug. I am just sick of drugs, drugs, drugs. I am basically on four daily medications, so that I actually can work IN the pharmacy. Without these, I ache and I can’t concentrate and my allergies are haywire and my blood pressure is up. I don’t remember really ever in my life needing to take a daily drug, much less four. Oh wait, I left out the two face gels. I think you are what you do and I do have a plan to make it out of the pharmacy one day and maybe I can quit those meds too!

I long to be a full time psychic or a medium or a spiritual adviser.


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