I have been on a spiritual journey I suppose my whole life, but I didn’t know it until much, much later. I have gone through crazy Kundalini type phases, times when I thought I was losing my mind or that I had a mental disorder to finally thinking I have it figured out (only the voices in my head part, not much else). Interestingly, I have entered into what a lot of people might consider taboo or occult and what I have gained is more faith in God than I ever had before all of this. I never truly understood what faith was before. There IS life after this Earth existence and we have all been there before. I used to be horribly afraid of dying and I am not anymore. I am not ready to check out just yet, but it is nice to not block out the idea of what we may have to do after we leave this Earth. As a creator and an ever evolving spiritual being, I will leave here with this knowledge I have accumulated and EXPAND. That’s actually very exciting!!! It’s not just about God or Allah or Buddah; we are all here together, working as a collective to experience this life and to evolve. We are an extension of God and an extension of everyone you know. We work together with Mother Earth, angels, spirit guides, animals, trees, water and virtually everything on this planet. We all need each other and I long for a time when I can completely LOVE each and every one of you. Sometimes it’s hard (especially working in a pharmacy), but I am trying everyday to use my gifts for good and to open my heart and spread good stuff around. It feels pretty good.

My dream (and I feel it coming closer to me everyday) is to detach myself from the rat race and see if I can lower my blood pressure. I want less distractions so I can spend more time with my family and connect with my higher purpose. I want to get reconnect with the Earth and pull my children out from in front of the TV and go look at butterflies and talk more. When I accepted that I was psychic and asked for more, it started pouring in and it has started to fill every pore and I see myself changing everyday. Stick around because you never know what might happen next.

2 comments on “Psychic
  1. omtatjuan says:

    I truly like the words you have written… You are indeed spiritually awake!


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